"theres nothing more reassuring than realizing the world is crazier than you are." -Eric Selvig

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I think women get tired of the standards that hollywood continues to impose. On our beauty, on how we should look, on how we should behave, on what is sexually desirable, on what it is that men want. Finally, this is a series about us, and people dig it. - Kate Mulgrew

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I’m a paradox. I want to be happy, but I think of things that make me sad. I’m lazy, yet I’m ambitious. I don’t like myself, but I also love who I am. I say I don’t care, but I really do. I crave attention, but reject it when it comes my way. I’m a conflicted contradiction. If I can’t figure myself out, there’s no way anyone else has.

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mario party more like if you steal one more of my stars i’ll fucking murder you

Elizabeth Henstridge attends the premiere of Marvel’s ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’